Art Educators Seminar

Thursday, January 16, 2014, 2-4 p.m.

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts in the Simmons Hall,

6300 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15232

Why should blind people make art? How do blind people make art? How can schools and cultural organizations welcome blind and visually impaired students into art studios and classrooms?

The Touch Art Educational Seminar will address these and other questions on Thursday, January 16 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. The event is the culminating effort of Touch Art, an inclusive art making program with the blind community launched by Kirsten Ervin and Tirzah DeCaria of Creative Citizen Studios. The seminar will feature a short video documentary of the Touch Art process by filmmaker Keith Tassick, followed by a panel discussion with artists and educators who are blind, visually impaired and sighted. Lastly, the audience of art educators, art administrators and others will have an opportunity to view the artwork and interact with participants from the Touch Art workshops.

Panel Discussion will include: 

Ann Lapidus: Ceramicist and community educator, blind

Lynda Lambert: Fiber artist and retired fine art professor, blind

Stephanie Van: Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, author, legally blind

Katy Dement: Papermaker and Touch Art Teaching Artist, sighted


$15 Seminar Fee

Class registration at or click here

Questions? Email us at



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